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Because of the size of the drawings files and the limitations of the Yahoo group we decided to put the files on this website to download from here. There are 3 zip files containing all the drawings. If you don't mind, after you download them and view them you might tell the group what you think. Tell everyone about the drawings if you want. These drawings were drawn by Robert "Bud" Travis, the copyright owner, under the impression that they would be made freely available to the Weedhopper™ community and now that is possible through the joint efforts of freeweedhopperplans.com. There are some limitations with the drawings. The printing privileges have been removed, except for the template drawings, but the drawings can be freely downloaded and viewed on your computer. Another thing to mention: a complete 3D assembly was NEVER done with these parts drawings. There were some sub-assemblies laid out as you can see in some of the files. What does this mean? Without a complete 3D assembly these drawings were NEVER completely verified for fitment and exact location of attach points. Now don't be alarmed. This does not mean that you cannot build a C-Model from these drawings. It just means that there might be a slight misalignment with some of the mounting holes and tubing lengths. Like maybe a 1/8” to ½” or so. I say this because WE MAKE NO CLAIMS, to these drawings being neither perfect or complete. There was NEVER a 3D assembly created for verification. If you decide to build from these drawings then it is up to you to verify placement before cutting or drilling. It is always a good idea to do that any ways. The B-Model drawings are “AS-IS” and no more work will be done to them. That way we can focus on the Model40 and 2place drawings. If one was going to build a Weedhopper™ the Model40 would be the recommended single place due to some of the upgrades in safety and for a larger engine. ENJOY these FREE B-Model drawings made available exclusively from your friends at freeweedhopperplans.com

Weedhopper B-Model Tail.zip

Weedhopper B-Model Fuselage.zip

Weedhopper B-Model Wing.zip

It has been brought to my attention that some links to FREE programs to UNZIP and VIEW the files would be benificial and save someone the time of searching for them. There are a few different programs available to UNZip files. The one I use is 7ZIP This is an open source archiving program that can open nearly anything. The files, once opened are in a PDF format and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Both of these are very popular programs used by many. I am not endorsing either of these I am just making a recommendation based on my experiance.



• Aluminum Tube Construction

• Strut Braced Wings

• 2 Axis Control System

• Dacron or Stits Sails

• Detachable Wings

• Steerable Nose Wheel

• Slow Stall Speed (22mph)

• Convertible to 2 Seats

• Adaptable to Floats

• Cruise Range 25/45 mph

• Maximum Prop Length 70"

• Optional Windshield

• Standard Aircraft Components

• Power Range 22/52hp

• Instrument Panel

• Upright/Inverted Mounted Engine

• Fixed Landing Gear

• Empty Weight 250-330lbs depending on accessories

• Gross Weight 900 lbs

• Wingspan 28 ft

• Wing Area 148 sq ft

• Length 16 ft 7 in

• Height 6 ft 8 in

• Fuel Capacity 5 gallons

• Build Time (kit) 120-250 hours

• Build Time (plans) 250-500 hours

• Engine used for tests: 447 Rotax

• Power 40 hp

• Cruise 45 mph

• Top Speed 60 mph

• Stall Speed 22 mph

• VNE Speed 65 mph

• Rate of Climb 850 fpm

• Takeoff Distance 75 ft




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