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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have to pay to use the local airport?
A: No, local county airports are free for public use in most cases, you should talk to your airport management for any restrictions they may have before flying.

Q: How far can you fly in these ultralights?
A:The FAA restricts ultralights to five gallons of fuel, so most ultralight owners average approximatly 40 miles on a tank of fuel, depending on engine size and type, wind conditions and flying styles your distance will vary.

Q: Does it take a license to fly these airplanes
A: No license is required, these planes are listed under a seperate FAA regulation, and anyone can learn to fly with propper training.

Q: How high can you fly in one of these ultralights?
A: Most people fly between 300 and 500 feet and they can fly well over 3000 feet, but regulations prohibit flying in most areas over 800 feet due to controlled air spaces.



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